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The Warsash Heritage Centre
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Warsash Local History Society was able to open the Heritage Centre at 24 Shore Road in 2011. Initial financing came from a legacy from the late Roy Knight and the Centre has subsequently been supported by a variety of fund raising activities; support from Fareham and Hampshire County Councils and donations for specific projects. Funds to support the rental of the premises are difficult to obtain and we now have to consider closing the Centre. We hope that this lottery might allow us to keep the Centre open for the immediate future whilst planning takes place to allow the archives to be accessed on line.

To enter the draw for the lottery we would ask participants to complete the form that can be downloaded from this page. The sum of £4.00 per month would acquire one entry for each of twelve draws. The draws would be made at the regular meetings of the Society which are held on the first Wednesday in April, June, October, December,and February. Half of the proceeds would be allocated to Prize money. The aim would be to achieve a 100 members which would mean prize money of £200.00 per month. In the meanwhile prize money would be half of the total raised at the time of each draw. It is envisaged that the first draw will be held at the April meeting of the Warsash Local History Society.

Fareham Council have issued a licence for this lottery.

Copies of the application form can be obtained from the Heritage Centre or downloaded.

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